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Darley Dale WI

Darley Dale WI is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and is still going strong.

Its a very welcoming group spanning all ages. The WI is very inclusive and not the selective organisation of years gone by. The Derbyshire Federation and National Federation encourage members to discuss and act on subjects relevant to modern living. These are usually pertinent to enriching women’s lives.

As a group they enjoy a diverse programme of activities throughout the year. Members are encouraged to put forward ideas to ensure all interests are catered for.

The monthly meetings not only give individuals the chance to socialise, but also gain knowledge from the wide variety of speakers, demonstrations and hands-on craft sessions; which are always popular.

Outings organised at different times of the year are very much the preferences of members. Recent excursions have included Renishaw Hall, Hope House museum and Trentham Gardens. Occasional lunches have been enjoyed at Barrington’s, the Grouse, the Woodyard restaurant in Bakewell and Marsh Green farm shop at Kelstedge.

Meetings take place in the Dale Road Methodist church hall every second Tuesday of the month at 7.00pm, except in August. Visitors are always welcome to come to a single meeting which can then be extended to three months before subscriptions become payable. The subscription for the current year is £46.

Please contact the Secretary, Jennifer Lane on 01629 732447 for further information.

Visit the Darley Dale WI Facebook page here

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