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Town Clerk

For general enquires, please send an email to Ian Adkin by clicking the button, below

Your Councillors

Contact your local councillor for specific enquiries, by clicking on the button, below

Office Address

The Whitworth
Station Road | Darley Dale
Derbyshire | DE4 2EQ

Interactive Boundary Map

Use the plus and minus symbols set within the map to zoom in and out of the interactive map, which shows the extent of Darley Dale Town Council’s jurisdiction.

You can view the map in full screen mode by clicking the full screen icon also within the map’s frame.

The map includes place markers for parks and outdoor spaces, leisure and hospitality venues, hotels, bars and restaurants, retail outlets, offices, service stations and tourist attractions.

To get directions to all the places listed on the map, just click on the icons and then click on the ‘directions’ link, which will launch Google Maps.

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