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Staff & Town Councillors

Key Personnel

Ian Adkin

Town Clerk

Ian joined as Assistant Clerk in 2020, a week before lockdown and quickly found himself in the hotseat!

He later became Town Clerk in December 2020. He has lived in Hackney in Darley Dale for over 10 years and his role involves advising Councillors, balancing the books and making sure all the office technology works.

He is though most passionate about improving the town and the local environment in any way he can.

Call Ian: 01629 735248

Jason Hedley

Assistant Town Clerk

Jason was formerly a member of the Diplomatic Service, serving in the UK and overseas for a number of years.

His Environmental Management degree has been very beneficial to the Town Council when discussing environmental and planning issues in Darley Dale.

Jason grew up in the Peak District and now lives in Bakewell.

Call Jason: 01629 735248

Sarah Rivett

Community Engagement Officer

Sarah joined Darley Dale Town Council in November 2022 taking on the newly created role as Community Engagement Officer. The purpose of Sarah’s role is to forge connections with residents, groups and businesses, enabling them to have more of an influence and say in Darley Dale.

Sarah previously worked as a Community Development Manager for a property management firm. Prior to that, she worked in marketing for a London-based investment management company.

Call Sarah: 01629 735248


Cllr Dave Oakley

Chair of the Council

Dave worked in the motor industry most of his working life before retiring in 2021. He was first a councillor from 2008-2011 and was co-opted back onto the Council in December 2019, before becoming Mayor in 2020.

He represents the North Ward and is on the Finance Advisory and Planning Committees within the Council. He is also a member of the Personnel and Community, Events and Marketing Working Groups, as well as sitting on the Board of Trustees for The Whitworth.

Dave joined the Council to be able to help, guide and support the local community as well as helping influence decisions that best benefit the people of Darley Dale. You will often see Dave at The Whitworth, with his dog Pasha, catching up with the Town Clerk team and he is always on hand to catch up with residents and local businesses.

Call Dave: 01629 733239

Cllr Jason Farmer

Vice-Chair of the Council

Jason spent many years in retail and now runs a family business which owns a large portfolio of properties.

He was co-opted onto the Council in 2021 and was elected as Vice-Chair in October of that year. Jason is also Chair of the Planning Committee and is a member of the Finance Advisory Committee and Personnel Working Group. He also sits on the Board of Trustees for The Whitworth.

Jason represents the South Ward and joined the Council to make a difference and give something back to his local community, where he has lived all his life.

Call Jason: 07711 650304

Cllr Julie Bishop

Julie moved to Derbyshire in 2001 and now lives in Morledge in Darley Dale. During her working career she has had various roles including working as a business development manager, an ambulance driver and air cabin crew for a large airline.

Julie was co-opted onto the Town Council in March 2023 and represents the North Ward. She is part of the Planning Committee and also sits on the Board of Trustees for The Whitworth.

Her motivation to become a councillor has stemmed from listening to people locally and feeling a need to help them have their feelings, views and ideas heard.

Cllr Carolyn Curtis

Carolyn worked as a Funding Manager and Bid Manager before retiring. She served as a Parish Councillor in the Ashbourne area before moving to Darley Dale and now represents the North Ward.

Carolyn is a member of The Whitworth Trust and serves on the Planning Committee and Community, Events and Marketing, Environmental and Personnel Working Groups.

Carolyn finds being a councillor a rewarding experience as it enables her to become involved with the local community of Darley Dale and appreciate the local issues that need to be addressed.

Call Carolyn: 07976 051762

Cllr Ann Elliott

Before retiring Ann worked in banking in Darley Dale and Matlock.

Ann gained her Council experience in Matlock, firstly on the Town Council for 16 years where she was Mayor on two occasions and eight years on the District Council.

She is on the Finance Advisory Committee and the Community, Events and Marketing Working Group and is also the lead councillor for Twinning.

Ann was co-opted onto the Town Council in September 2021 and joined to represent families in Darley Dale having lived in the area for many years and being a mother to three now grown-up children with their own families.

Call Ann: 01629 356147

Cllr Wendy Godber

Wendy was previously a councillor at Four Marks Parish Council in Hampshire, where she served for four years.

She previously worked for Camden and Islington Community Mental Health Trust and has been a volunteer Bereavement Counsellor at a number of hospices.

In 2017 Wendy moved to Darley Dale and was co-opted onto the Town Council in November 2022 to represent the North Ward. Wendy is the lead councillor for Fairtrade and is a member of the Governance Working Group.

Her passions for the Green Movement have always led her to support or become involved with the promotion of environmentalist projects.

Cllr Alan Long

Alan was elected to the Council in May 2019 and represents the North Ward. He is a member of the Finance Advisory Committee and Chair of the Whitworth Trust. Alan is also one of the lead councillors for Ecobat.

He also established an Environmental Working Group involving the Council, The Whitworth and other local stakeholders. 

Alan works within affordable housing and care, where he has 17 years’ experience and became a director of a housing association.

Alan wanted to become a councillor because as someone who benefits from living in Darley Dale, he wanted to give something back.

Call Alan: 07979 966453

Cllr John Mordue

John Mordue worked for the local authority adult social care services sector for 30 years before retiring.

He was co-opted onto the Council in June 2021 and represents the South Ward. John is a member of the Environmental Working Group and is one of the lead councillors for allotments.

John has lived in Darley Dale since 1992 and his interests include allotments, the environment and promoting local community activity.

Cllr Sarah Halliwell

Sarah is an award-winning businesswoman, former school leader and community champion. 

Sarah has given three decades to helping children, young people and families play, become safer and overcome poverty. As a parent carer, she advocates for SEND inclusion and social care. She is passionate about good governance and effective policy and sits on the Board of Trustees for The Whitworth.

Sarah represents the South Ward and is a member of the Environmental and Governance Working Groups and a member of the Planning Committee. She is also a lead councillor for Youth Provision.

Call Sarah: 07865 365130

Cllr Ian Walker

Ian is a retired professional engineer having held senior board level positions in major manufacturing companies of power tools and defence electronics in Europe, the USA and the Far East.

He settled in Darley Dale in 1998 and was previously a Council and Whitworth Trust member. Ian is a member of the Planning and Finance Advisory Committees, as well as the Governance Working Group. He is also one of the lead councillors for the allotments.

Ian has a major interest in planning and community engagement and is a Council representative for the South Ward.

Call Ian: 07775 794828

Cllr James Wilson

James moved to Darley Dale in 2019 after being a regular visitor to the area for work. He has worked in the brewing industry for the last 14 years, with community playing a big role in his work.

He wanted to join the Town Council to make sure that the local community had a voice and to improve the area for everyone.

In particular, he wants to make sure that young people in the area get the help and support they need, and that the local environment is cared for and improved.

James joined the Council in May 2023 and is a member of the Community, Events and Marketing Working Group, he is also one of the lead councillors for Ecobat and Youth Provision.

Call James: 07470 713067

Other Local Elected Representatives

Derbyshire Dales District Council

District Cllr David Burton
T: 01629 734072

District Cllr Marilyn Franks

District Cllr Roger Shelley

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