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Planning Matters

Planning Applications

It can be a challenge trying to protect our town and surrounding countryside from over development, while making sure that we have enough houses and space for our growing population.

Since September 2020 the monthly Planning Committee considers consultation requests on local planning applications and makes recommendations to the full Council.

The Planning Committee meets on the third Monday of the month. Although planning decisions are made by Derbyshire Dales District Council, the Town Council’s recommendations are often taken into account when final decisions are made.

The Planning Committee listens to the views of local residents, so whether you’re concerned or enthusiastic about any planned developments then the committee wants to hear from you.

Once any recommendations for a planning application have been endorsed by the full Council, the applicant will receive an email with the outcome.

We’re here to help so why not get involved in helping to shape your town and community?

Residents wishing to attend a Planning meeting are advised to contact us via the Attend Meeting Request click through below or telephone us on 01629 735248.

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