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Meet your new Council

We are pleased to say that, for the first time in a long time, we have a full set of councillors and a waiting list to join! All your councillors are local people who want to help with local issues and who give their time free make Darley Dale an even better place to live.

Morledge now has its own dedicated councillor in Julie Bishop who unsurprisingly lives there. Jason Farmer lives in Farley and James Wilson, our newest councillor, lives on Greenaway Lane. Sarah Halliwell is on Poppy Fields Close, John Mordue on Grove Lane and Ian Walker is a resident of Normanhurst. Moving North, Wendy Godber, Alan Long and Sean Taylor all live in Two Dales and Carolyn Curtis is at Sydnope while Ann Elliott lives on Olympian Way and the Mayor Dave Oakley lives on Sir Joseph’s Lane. All the Council employees are local too so we understand and care about the town and the community. You will be able to find contact details for all the councillors and staff on our website, if you are interested in becoming a councillor now or in the future we would love to hear from you. You don’t have to be a councillor though to get involved. We have working groups for environment and community events which anyone can join so why not get in touch and help make a difference?

Photograph – left to right – Councillors John Mordue, Ann Elliott, Sarah Halliwell, James Wilson, Jason Farmer, Dave Oakley, Carolyn Curtis, Sean Taylor, Ian Walker, Julie Bishop and Alan Long.

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